Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Forza Moter Sport 2

There is going to be a new Forza Moter Sport for the Xbox 360. The first one was a increibly realistic driving game where you could customise your cars to no end, whilst still retaining the realism that Need for Speed lacked.

Also, Microsoft announced the following add ons for the Xbox 360 at Lepizig, the games convention in Germany. They are making:

  • Wireless steering wheel - it looks soo cool.
  • A wireless headset that looks just like the thing in Dr. Who ie. a Blue Tooth headset.
  • A wireless HD DVD player, I personally thought the Xbox 360 played HD DVDs but apparently not.
  • The webcam - comes with 1 month/year of Xbox live gold subscriptio.
  • New face plates (Master Cheif, Forza 2 and some weird clowd thing?)
On the PC front they are releasing the world most sexiest mouse ever, sadly it will cost you £35. It has 7 customisable buttons, blue neon strips and interchanable face plates?!
Also, there is a device you can plug in to your computer and allows you to use wireless Xbox 360 controllers.

Nintendos confrence apparently went terrible as the article puts across. However I can confirm it will be less than 250 euros, £168.903. I doubt it will be that much though.

I could not find any news on Sony, I think they were ill or something because belive me I looked.

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