Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sony PS3 launch delayed in England

Sonys next generation console, the PS3, is expected to be released this March in Europe. It is still going to be launched in November everywhere else. This falls right into Microsofts plans of releasing Halo 3 at the same time, as that is the expected launch month for Halo. The plan being that shops like game will split the advertising between them, and a game getting the same amount as a new console is good for any company, even Microsoft. It might tip people towards getting a 360 as they think "I really liked that game" and not take a second glance at the huge PS3 poster.

However, it is a gamble, as they forget that, although Microsoft have a huge fanbase for Halo. Sonys is unbeatable at the moment so it may just be shooting them selves in the foot. Only time will tell.

Finally, shops like Game will know they are making a bigger profit on the PS3 so might just advertise that.

In conclusion, I think this will not work for Microsoft because shops are out to make money and Sonys fan base in only revealed by Nintendos, but Sonys covers more than one type of person.

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