Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Secret Nintendo Confrence

Stop the press every one. Nintendo have just held a "secret" press conference and there have been some big announcements. I will do them in least important order. Skip to the bottom for the most exciting

New Wii Game Announced - Super Mario Stadium Baseball

No real information has been released just a short video, which I haven't seen. Besides, baseball isn't a sport I am particularly interested in and Wii Sports Baseball dosen't need any more depth. Even online multiplayer or a proper single player wouldn't add much.

Everyone votes to get up sized

The service is set to expand to allow people to vote on games, and then using this data will suggest games that you like. Sounds good and very web 2.0, but I normally know what games I am going to like, as I do research before buying them. Will be good if you can connect to people with similar tastes to you. Like that will ever happen with Nintendo's policy on Wii Codes.

Some WiiWare titles announced

Main title mentioned is Pokemon Farm, which allows you to take your Pokemon of Diamond (and other versions) and treat them in a farm like environment. Sadly no mention of Gravitronix.

WiiFit Gets Release Date (In Japan)

WiiFit, the game that will feature the board demonstrated at E3, will be released on the first of December for Japan. No release data as of yet for the UK or America. Demonstration given and possibility for WiiWare titles using it announced.

Mario Kart with Bikes

Mario Karts release date is still Spring 2008, however, the game will come with the steering wheel and motor bikes. How this will fit in to the whole "Kart" theme, I am not sure, still I am not complaining.

Monster Hunter 3 Coming to the Wii

Previously a PS3 exclusive and a massive hit in Japan, this 3rd person action role-player is coming to the Wii. Yet another dent in the PS3. No release date has been announced yet

Sonic is joining the Brawl

Well we all knew it was going to happen, but it finally has. Sonic has been confirmed for Super Smash Bros Brawl. Incidentally, this title has been pushed back for Japan till January. No mention of the US release date, but I am sure that if the American release date doesn't get pushed back, there are going to be some raised eye-brows.

Online Co-op on Brawl

Just what I asked for, the game will support on-line co-op. They did not specify whether it would be the Sub Space Emissary but that was what was implied.

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