Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blog Update

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and got what they wanted. I GOT CIV 4. And after many days spent trying to get it working I am now officially addicted. A full review this month. Here is a taster of the review.

"Many people have described this game as addictive, smoking is addictive and people quit smoking."

Also, my friend who was going to get an Xbox 360 has the money now just needs a place to buy it that is around the RRP rather than £600! so we will just have to wait until February.

This month also:

  • Quick Reviews - Featuring 3 Xbox 360 games

  • Current Generation Wars - Console wars supplement examining the Xbox, PS2 and NGC.

  • If your lucky Alpha Centurai Review

Thought of the Month :"Is the total amount of Xbox 360s in England more than 5 or not?

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  1. No one but thk123 will no who I am7:14 PM

    Stop talking about civ 4


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