Friday, January 13, 2006

Xbox 360 Quantity Update

Now, as you all know, there is a massive shortage of Xbox 360s in England. Microsoft have claimed they sent more than 40 but but some how I doubt it. Unfortunatly this meant that there were alot of unhappy people. Up until now Game( have been saying they will release theirs in early Febuary and are taking no bookings. HMV ( on the other hand are selling as they come in and are taking bookings. The problem is, in HMV it will be June before they catch up on the amount of preorders. And that is if know one else calls in. I saw this poster in Game which may show the turning of the tide.

If the picture appears garbled click on it for a clear picture)

This picture was taken on the 13/01/05 on Game on Guildford High Street. If I get any more info (I might phone Game and HMV and record the conversation providing it is legal) I will tell you.

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