Friday, October 27, 2006


Sorry about the capitals it is how Sony like it written.

I have been thinking about the PS3, trying to classify it, a copy of the 360, a super computer, a uninnovate hunk of junk. However, as I was watching a video, I realised what I had been looking for. It is a souped up PS2. The controller is identical except with the tilt which most games aren't going to use. Hell, even the console doesn't look that different except it is less practical when you put it sideways. This is fine except a PS2 is £100 with 2 games, but a PS3 is £500 plus 2 games at £75 so £650 for better graphics. Admittedly they are awesome, but £550 for better graphics?!

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  1. I seem to remember that the playstation 2 was a lot more expensive than £100 at release with £40 a shot for games - and lets face it the price will drop rather quickly so it stand a chaance of competing with the wii and the x box 360 (which i might add is pretty terrible) secondly all games consoles make massive losses on the consoles (apart from maybe the nintndo gamecube.... "hunk of junk" The PSPs UMD format was not created to make money it was to prevent massive losses on the games which could otherwise be copied and reproduced on the pirate market this means that everyone is more likely to buy there copy of a game and the multiplayer on the PSP system is absolutley immense... no screen peering! Finally im thinking i might be the only person - ever to post a comment on your so called blog! - i am making a link to this page on my website - please return the favour -

    oh yh the xbox 360s games were £50 at release and there graphics are pathetic compared with PS3 although... im thinking a HD tv is kinda necessary ... so add another £500 to the costs hehe.

    george out


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