Tuesday, October 31, 2006

PS3 pushing SCE $1.71 billion into red - News at GameSpot

PS3 pushing SCE $1.71 billion into red - News at GameSpot

Sony admit to losing money. Is this a slippery slope that will result in the downfall of Sony. The thing that Sony is relying on is blu-ray. The problem is, last time Sony tried to enforce their own format, it failed. Movies stopped becoming widly avalible for the PSP, could this be the same old story. Part of me wants to see Sony die just so I have proved my self right. However, less compettion means less development and competitive pricing. If Blu-ray does fail, will Microsoft buy Sony so they can use the controller. Another theory of mine is Google. Why not? They have the funds, they have the technology, but most importantly, the still have Sergy and Brin and a whole team devoted to coming up with innovative ideas. For those who are unable to read between the lines I was suggesting that Google could create a console.

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