Wednesday, November 15, 2006

iTunes Crossed the line

I was about to download the song "Chelsea Daggers" off the album Costello Music by the Fratellis when iTunes said something had happened that made this task impossible. I went in to the store to investigate. Once I had arrived at the relevant page, I discovered that it was now only down-loadable with the album. Apple know they have the market effectively cornered and they know that is the song people are most likly to buy. This is a case of iTunes taking advantage of its customers. Maybe this has happened before, but it is unacceptable, and as a consequence I am not going to buy and more iTunes vouchers, or download the song that I love. Please sign this "Petition" if you support me. Maybe we can get a apology, no seriously!

Gaming News:
PS3 backwards compatibility issues - 200 games effected.
Medieval Total War 2 - 16+ Rating
Splinter Cell Double Agent - Advertised as an 18, actual game 15
PS3 launches in Japan - 84,400 sold, many disappointed
Wii and PS3 round the corner for US

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