Thursday, November 23, 2006


The Wii is sold out. We have the same situation as we did with the X360 and what we will have with the PS3. Preorders on sites such as Amazon rival a new Coldplay album and the Harry Potter books, which were at the top of the preorder chart. Amazon has said that it does not know when it is getting more stock nor even hinted as to whether you can get one for Christams.

HMC are also making a "we don't promise anything" stance:

3) Due to high levels of demand and restrictions by Nintendo on stock availability, stock may be limited and HMV cannot, therefore, guarantee your pre-order will be fulfilled on the estimated release date, nor that your pre-order will be fulfilled within any given time-frame. Accordingly, release dates are subject to change by Nintendo and any date given for fulfillment of your order is an estimate only, is not guaranteed and should not be relied upon.

I will hopefully phone Game and HMV and try and find out when they expect to get there next shipment. HMV, because of the way they are running this, it will be quite some time before you will be able to walk in and buy one. I may preorder because I want to use my HMV games card, however, I fear the Que may already be too long and I will get it much earlier at game. Either way, the second I do expect a media whitewash followed by tons of videos. In other news, the PS3 has come out in both Japan and the USA and it is a complete sell out. This is also true with the Wii in the USA.

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