Sunday, December 09, 2007

Galaxy First Impression

I got, as an early Christmas present, Mario Galaxy. I am only allowed to progress while the friend who gave it to me is here, so these impressions are based on the opening galaxy (equivalent to 3 levels)

The game starts with a very dramatic and beautifully rendered cut-scene. Warning, spoiler: Bowser steals Princess Peach...again. There is a very brief training level where you have to catch some star people. This introduces you to the basics of jumping and the idea of spherical planets. Yes, after a bit this idea works very well. However, when I first started to navigate these planets, it did make me feel little queasy and even now I sometimes find navigating on doughnut shaped planets a little confusing with only one joystick.

The two bosses I have thought have been very entertaining, if not very difficult. The graphics are amazing. Plane and simple, they are amazing. Not amazing for the Wii, simply amazing. They might not be as technically stunning as say GoW, but the fun artsy design some very impressive animations make the game easily the best graphics Wii game and wouldn't be dismissed on so called true next generation consoles.

The Co-Op experience is a little limited as the second player only controls a pointer and all he is tasked to do is collect star bits and hold enemies in place. For any real gamer, this will got old quickly. However, it is great if your non gamer friend is going to watch you play anyway, as what they are doing isn't going to ruin the other persons attempts, however, they can still help and feel a part of it. I still wish the other player could control Luigi

The music is great too with very little recycled songs so far. In fact, some of the songs are on an epic scale similar to Zelda. Overall, this game looks, sounds and plays great and I can't wait to play further in to the game. Enjoy the run up to Christmas!

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