Thursday, December 13, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Second Impressions

Well I got some more time with Galaxy, and it has blown every other game right out of the water. The amount of variation between the now 6 galaxies is out-standing. On top of which, I am still only a fraction through the game.

The second galaxy you get to play on is themed around Bees. The bee suit is one of the more simple suits in Galaxy, apparently, however, just the dynamics it adds are incredible. The boss in this galaxy is considerably harder than in the first Galaxy, but still shouldn't take you very long to complete.

I also got to play on the much famed Ray Surfing level. This is the first level to properly use the Wiimote, and it works fantastically. It doesn't feel gimmicky or even unnecessary. The controls are easy to use and have all the finesse of Super Monkey Ball and the whole point of that was game was its fidelity! This track is amazingly fun, and I still race down it to try and beat my time (1:01:78 if anyone wants to try) and on top of this it is accessible, with my own mother being able to play it.

In addition this, I played on the remainder of the observatory (of which I think there are 8) This included the big boss fight against one of Bowser Jr.s hench robot things. Looked, graphically, very impressive but it was easy to beat. It also included a small galaxy based on one planetoid of flip switches, but this was clearly a bonus galaxy if you like. However, possibly my high light for the entire game so far was on galaxy that was outside the observatory. In it, you are standing on this base that looks a little like party rings with cookie cutter shapes cut in to it. Sounds normal, but it is moving, and not the way you want to go. It starts off just going the opposite way to you. Then it starts going horizontally, and then swapping between the two horizontals as you go along, then switches to curves and ends with entire sections missing. It is tricky to explain, so either play on it yourself or watch this video:

Overall, I am loving every minute of this game and I can't wait till after Christmas where I can play it without restrictions. Also got to play on Call of Duty 4 for the 360. Will be doing some impressions for that too,but it is as amazing as everyone says it is.

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