Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Warning: Xbox Live is not a replacement for real life

The new site is online (as you will have noticed) however, it sucks (as you will have noticed) This was because, largely, I got an Xbox 360 which I have been playing quite a bit. I had planned to add the finishing touches between Christmas and New Year...which wasn't happening. So I decided to launch the bare bones site, but don't worry, upgrades will be coming at the end of this month. However, the site isn't just a fresh look, oh no, it is an entire change. This site will now provide:

  • Podcast - This will take place on the last day of each month and (fingers crossed) the first one will be January 31st(toes crossed). Also, I should have two friends helping me host it, so you can look forward to hearing them for the first time. For those who are worried, this will not be on Blog Talk Radio as the quality was unacceptable and I never got any live listeners.
  • News in Summary - Also at the end of each month, I will do a round up of the major news that month. This will include both topics I have covered, and ones I didn't have enough to write a whole post about (kind of like my Nintendo update a while back) It will also serve as my blog update, giving you news relating to this blog including updates to the website etc.
  • Op-Ed - Op-Ed is a type of article that isn't simply reporting facts or even stating an opinion on a particular news story. It is a much more general article about, for example, game development. While I am not clever (on interesting) enough to do a whole blog dedicated to such articles, I will be doing one at the start of every month. Any interesting comments will then be read out on the Podcast at the end. If you are still unsure about what an Op(posit)-Ed(itorial) article is, read this blog, all his articles are Op-Eds'
  • Indie Special - Every 3 months, I will cover a Indie developed game, ie. one not made by a huge publisher but created by a self employed hobbyist. This "special" will include a review of their game and an interview with the developer. If you are an Indie developer and you are looking for some extra publicity, please leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.
If anyone else has any suggestions for regular features, please leave a comment.

I have Halo 3, Forza Motorsport 2 and for a short time, Viva PiƱata. Obviously reviews coming your way for the first two before the end of January, along with my Corruption review and hopefully my Galaxy review. All I can say about Halo is, wow the campaign is short. I interspersed playing on the campaign with both Forge and Forza and still completed it in like 4 days or something. On the plus side, there is only one level that reminded me of Halo 2 and most of the rest of the game was spectacular fun.

I also have Xbox Live (trial) If you want to add me, my name is, some what randomly, thktestaccount. When I come to buy Live subscription, it will change to thk123, so I personally recommend waiting, but if you really are that desperate! So what's Live like? Well after a very dodgy start, Live is amazing. It is loads of fun when you get in to a game and get talking to all your team and Big Team Battles are as amazing as ever. Plus, to make up for the Live down time, Microsoft are giving away a free Arcade game (yet to be announced)

Finally, while at a sleep over the other day, I managed, finally, to play on Chaos Theory's online portion. Before I played on it, I was really looking forward to it, it looked amazingly cool. If you haven't heard about it, I suggest looking up the concept in detail, but basically, one team plays as spies, who are under equipped and must sneak in to the map, locate and hold 3 different objectives to win. The other team, the Mercs, have loads of weapons but can't climb on stuff or jump, which makes an interesting and potentially well balanced sides. Unfortunately, and it may just be because I was unlucky, but the maps felt way to big for four players, most people played death match, where the spies are massively under powered and the Mercs never use any of the camera equipment they just flick lights on and go looking. Great idea, it is a shame the execution isn't so great. I will try it again at some point, but at the moment I am kind of obsessed with Forza and Halo.

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