Friday, January 13, 2006

Xbox 360 Quantity Update

Now, as you all know, there is a massive shortage of Xbox 360s in England. Microsoft have claimed they sent more than 40 but but some how I doubt it. Unfortunatly this meant that there were alot of unhappy people. Up until now Game( have been saying they will release theirs in early Febuary and are taking no bookings. HMV ( on the other hand are selling as they come in and are taking bookings. The problem is, in HMV it will be June before they catch up on the amount of preorders. And that is if know one else calls in. I saw this poster in Game which may show the turning of the tide.

If the picture appears garbled click on it for a clear picture)

This picture was taken on the 13/01/05 on Game on Guildford High Street. If I get any more info (I might phone Game and HMV and record the conversation providing it is legal) I will tell you.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Quick Reviews

Alot of the games I am reviewing are X360. I played them at my local game. The graphics really are as good as they claim to be and once you have got used to the controller it is wonderful. But what about the game play?

Kameo :Elements of Power - Xbox 360
Wonderful. I really enjoyed rolling about in a rock a jumping huge jumps and then digging under the enemy as a plant and smashing them away. It is very linear and not particularly revolutionary in game concepts but is fun none the less. What I particularly like is that you have to think how are you going to tackle particular enemies. Like there are these ones which roll around then hit you with a club. When you attack the normally they just roll up in to a ball for a bit a suffer no damage. What you have to do is to make them go in to a ball and then roll them into this pit of lava.

Call of Duty 2 - Xbox 360
Thankfully it does not have the ridiculous sub name 'Big Red One' like it's PC/PS2/Xbox versions do. The particle effects are so cool to watch, but if you do you will find your self dead. This game is so intense that you find your self shouting at your men and when a grenade explodes you almost dive away from the console. The game has 2 main weaknesses. One, it has already been done about a million times before and two you die about every 4 seconds. What sets this apart from all other FPSs is that you have to think everything through to stay alive. For instance, you might have to chuck a smoke grenade out in front of your truck. Swing your self over the side, stumble about blindly until you find something to hide behind. So in this scenario you have to work out where you are going. Plus, you have to asses you targets. A great game, I highly recommend it for your 360.

Peter Jacksons King Kong : The Official Game of the Movie - Xbox 360
This game is terrible for a number of reasons. For one the title is too long! For 2, unless there is lightning the graphics are mediocre for an Xbox. HELL THIS IS AN XBOX 360. It is unclear what you are meant to be doing and then you die. I like the idea of playing as the beast and the human. But the beast you just press RT and with the men you find your self laughing at the fact these people are yelling at you to do what they might have told you but probably while there was thunder. On the plus, the movie is good so all credit to Peter Jackson

My friend leant me a few Xbox games because he has sold his xbox so that he has enough money for a 360. He said I could have the games that won't work on the 360 and borrow the ones that will. I will review 2 this month and one next month.

Forza Motor Sport - Xbox
This racing game got a great deal of praise from Gamespot and will get a great deal from me. Although I prefer unrealistic racing games like PGR. I really enjoyed this one. It has many strengths. The most noted one is the fact you can customize every car to the extreme. From put a cool paint job on it to practically putting a Enzos engine in a Mini! My favorite strength is when you are racing at 200 MPH, the thrill is unbelievable. Spinning cars and watch them smash in to cars miliseconds behind, trying to get control of your car when you are spinning. I love it. It is because of the realism that this exists. What I need is a realistic racing game. PGR3!!!.

Secret Weapon over Normandy - Xbox
This is a 3rd person plain shooter with awesome plane explosions in single player. The game is great fun, puts you in a variety of different missions. From destroying speeding missiles or infiltrating a German bas to destroy its landing craft its there. The multi-player, although fun. Is not as fun as it could be. Yes it Versus and co-op. But versus becomes boring and there are no way enough missions. Plus, all planes blow up in same/similar ways.

King Kong and my Gaming Mood Board

You have to go see King Kong. I went to see it on Saturday and it is the kind of Movie where it won't be nearly as good at home unless you have a home cinema system. You won't get the branches cracking behind you as you are running through this forrest or the deafing roar echo all around you. Aside from the experince the film is AWESOME. When Kong grabs those planes. Just go see it. I recomend it.

Also, for my Textiles we had to make a mood board. I did it on gaming. So here you go. It is a supplment of CONSOLE WARS.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blog Update

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and got what they wanted. I GOT CIV 4. And after many days spent trying to get it working I am now officially addicted. A full review this month. Here is a taster of the review.

"Many people have described this game as addictive, smoking is addictive and people quit smoking."

Also, my friend who was going to get an Xbox 360 has the money now just needs a place to buy it that is around the RRP rather than £600! so we will just have to wait until February.

This month also:

  • Quick Reviews - Featuring 3 Xbox 360 games

  • Current Generation Wars - Console wars supplement examining the Xbox, PS2 and NGC.

  • If your lucky Alpha Centurai Review

Thought of the Month :"Is the total amount of Xbox 360s in England more than 5 or not?

"All your base are belong to us"