Friday, April 07, 2006

AoE 3 Expansion

For all of you who bought Age of Empires 3 I have news. There is a new expansion coming along fairly soon after E3. It will include 3 playable native factions, new units/techs etc. for European civs, a new single player campaign and improved home cities.

The Native factions are designed to play differently to the European factions. They will not have the technology of the Europeans but each one will have a unique way to deal with them. Ensemble Studios did not make it clear if they would have a home city but I think they will have an equivalent. They will have an entirely new building/tech/unit charts as well.

As with every expansion pack there will be numerous new stuff. The new stuff will include a range of military units, mercenaries, new cards for your cities and some other stuff.

The new campaignis going to be based around history this time round. Apparently last time it was mostly fictional.

They did not say how the cities were going to be improved, merely said you will find out @ E3.

I will do a post like this for the Civ 4 Expansion when more information is available. Oh yeah, the expansion is called 'WarCheif" Which is one of the special units available to the natives.

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