Friday, April 28, 2006

Revlution Renamed - Wii

The new console from Nintendo has changed its name! At first I thouht it was a poorly shortend title for the news item and that it was an improvement to the wifi or something but no. I am still trying to work out their reasons behind it. They say it was the anser to the name revolution but I am not blown over by it. Although I have nothing against the name itself, I feel they have left it too late to change it as everyone knows it as the revolution. Apparently the 2 'i's are meant to represent their controller and playing together. Hopefully the name will grow on me.

Sorry for not writting recently, I have a lot on with SATS and everything, hopefully after next week I will get back to frequent writting, starting with quick reviews for : Black, Oblivion, PGR3, Gost Recon Advanced warfighter and others. Also, full length revies of Civ 4 and Fable the lost chapters.

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