Sunday, December 11, 2005

Xbox 360 Update

I got to play on an Xbox 360 a couple of days ago. No none of my friends have one but the game in town does so when I walk home I play on it! The only game I have got to play is Call of Duty 2. Let me review the console itself rather than the game (I will review it in quick reviews as it is only a demo)

The Controller
The controller is probably going to be the best controller this generation. But then it would have been that if that hadn't changed it at all. The others are absolutely rubbish (more in CONSOLE WARS) So, how does it compare with the current controllers. It is far superior to the Xboxes controller. It is unfortunately a blatant copy of the NGCs but it is a bit better than it because it has 2 shoulder buttons instead of one. The dual shock controller was undoubtedly the best controller ever made. It was the right size, all the buttons were easy to reach and two clickible analog sticks. The X360 however has all this but triggers. I think they are now on equal levels as the PS2 still has a slightly nicer feel to it. For most Xbox users it will very small at first. Those triggers are far smaller and can be pushed not nearly as far. I think this is bad because it means reduced control when it is pressure sensitive like driving games. But on the flip side it does fit n to your hand a lot better.

The Graphics
Yes the graphics really do look amazing. You use the binoculars at 1ft and you can see tons of detail on one of your mens face. The physics are incredible. When you chuck a grenade all the men recoil in a different way. The graphics are NO let down.

More info on game play extra will be in the quick reviews. I will make it an extended 'quick reviews'

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