Friday, February 03, 2006

Blog Update

Hello everyone
Hi Dr. thk123

I am truly addicted to playing Civ 4 and now I have played all forms of multi player have run out of excuses of why I have not reviewed it. I will try to review it this month but I have a lot on:

  • Playing Civ 4

  • Lion, Witch wardrobe rehearsals

  • Playing Civ 4

  • Paper Round

  • Playing Civ 4

  • Writing to my French Exchange student

  • Playing Civ 4

  • Having a social life (what ever)

  • Playing Civ 4

  • Doing HW

  • Playing Civ 4

I rest my case. Also, I hope to write some questions for people who own a X360 and so when I get the replies to them I will post them.

I went to the Surrey Skills Festival Yesterday. SSF is this thing for people in year 9 to help them make choices about later life. It was really fun as I got to be on the radio, TV, record stuff, video stuff and loads of other great stuff. (yes there was a competition to use 'stuff' the most times in one sentence.)

In other gaming news Creative Assembly, the genius's behind Total War, have said they are making 'Medieval 2: Total War.' Why not Rome Total War or Shogun Total War. I will get it at some point but as far as I can tell it is Rome Total War in Medieval Times.

Also, Splinter Cell 4 has now been named Splinter Cell : Double Agent. It is now slightly RPGish. I quote the advert "How far will you go to succeed". Basically you are an double agent and you will pretend to be on the badies team. I don't know if this will work. It will still be a good game is my reckoning thought because the original people are on the job and so far all of theirs have been AMAZING.

I would like to draw your attention to my new blog that will soon be changing its address. Currently it is at Basically it is me and a group of my friends making a movie. It will probably collapse fairly soon but what the hey. Read it to find out more.

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