Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blog Update

I was inspired this morning to write this post because someone I don't know has left a comment related to the blog. [Update: I then checked my other mail box and discovered I do know him :(] I was going to write it any way but I never got round to it.

His question was "I have heard that the PS3 is coming out next Christmas, is this true?"

Sony originally said that it was coming out around about now in Japan, despite EA saying "What, are you crazy, you haven't even given us development software yet" Sony stuck to their guns. Recently they have come out and said "yeah you were right" At the moment there is only one confirmed release date and that is November, but before you get your hopes up that is just in Japan. My theory is because Sony say it will be 10x more powerful that the X360 and still be cheap they won't have enough money to launch world wide simultaneously as they need to make some money from the games before they can make more. Because of this it is unlikely that, unless Sony sell millions of games and consoles very quickly it is unlikely it will hit America before March, even later for Europe. Having said this all news behind the PS3 is very liquid at the moment and so not even the confirmed dates are set in stone. We will have to wait and see. In conclusion, if you live in Japan you might get it next Christmas, if you don't it is almost impossible you will get it before Christmas

Also I have now been on a Xbox 360. It was awesome, I will interview him and the other person who I know to have one. The reason this is so late is because I have had my French Exchange student here. Although it was hard work having to constantly look after some one it was great fun. I am looking to going over to France where I will play tons of Xbox 36o with him as he has one.

Furthermore I got Fable Lost Chapter this weekend. It is an open ended RPG for the Xbox. I hope to review it after Civ 4. I will do quick reviews when I have been round to my friends’ house and played on black.

Finally, if you are in the Guildford area, go see The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe at the electric theatre.

Quick Reviews coming soon which will include Black

Thought of the month: Why is the day only 24 hours long?

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