Monday, January 29, 2007

Blog Update & Wii on DS?!?!

Hey everyone . OK, Wii review coming along nicely if a bit long. I may have to cut it down or at least offer a concise version. Coming out this Friday 11pm GMT hopefully. Also, if anyone has been Zorbing can you tell me what it is like because it looks loads of fun and I want to go. However, the official website was horrible to use so I would like some personal stories. Let me plug this blog: What I have read seemed pretty good. It seems to be about a author trying to get her book published. She got a good review by someone, I'll buy it if I find it.

My friend now has Xbox Live Gold so I will be checking that out soon. I may be getting a review of the new Star Fox Commander game for the DS/Lite from another friend. The news channel on the Wii has now been released which means all shipped channels are now online. Review of channels included in Wii review.

Finally, check this out, I found it when I was looking for a desktop background (don't ask) and was quite amazed by it. Basically, some guy plugged his DS Lite into a Wii, put the sensor bar behind it and it worked! Now that is backwards compatibility for you. Unfortunately I cannot check it as I have no DS but I have friends on the job. Here is the link


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    You are so cool, i wish i were you. Please come and meet me hot stuff. I love you.
    Ben is wrong.


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