Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Update

Well we are now entering possibly the greatest autumn/winter in gaming history (for America at least) So what are you looking forward to most. It actually started with the release of BioShock and Metroid, both getting very positive reactions. Unfortunately, GTA IV and MGS launch dates have slipped, but there is still Super Smash Bros Brawl, Halo3, BWii, LittleBig Planet, PGR 4 and Assassins Creed to make this the best (and most expensive) next few months for gamers. On top of that, I will be working my back off to produce the new Veteran Gamer website in time for its launch January 1st. That's right, a release date. So what title are you looking forward to most? Leave a comment below...

Metroid Prime 3 reviews are in following its release in NA last Tuesday. IGN gave it a massive 9.5, 1up and 9 and Gamespot an 8.5 There were some mixed opinions but they all said the game felt epic and the controls were very good. GameSpot criticized some of the motion actions of the Wiimote, whereas IGN said they worked very well. They said the game was overall easier and the boss fights were a lot of fun, if also slightly easier. Another plus is the game will feature lot of cool unlockables including the ability to take and send (through Wii Connect 24) scren grabs of the game, extra clothing for your Miis, bumper stickers for your spaceship and and Super Hard difficulty level. I can't wait to get my hands on this game, but I have to wait till October 26th.
Release: October 26th 2007

On the Halo front. Two very cool developments have come to light. Firstly, Halo 3 will feature a map editor, but not just and old map editor, you can play in this one multiplayer, shooting people as well as changing the map. Aside from the obvious things, like making and saving maps, the thing will actually feature death matches where you can fly around and drop scorpions on your enemy. It is quite difficulty too explain, but trust me, the possibilities are endless. The second thing is Halo Wars, the up and coming RTS for the 360. First off, the graphics look amazing. Literally jaw breaking, although I didn't get to see the actual control scheme, they were clearly well mapped as the guy could move around the map effortlessly, whilst controlling his men with ease. Another great thing, is that the vehicles drive like how they would on Halo. Warhogs will slide about, for example. Overall, this game is shaping up to look amazing. What I want to know, is whether you can play as the Covenant or not. It will be a huge disappointment for me if you can't, as driving armies of Ghosts sounds like fun. Regardless, I am looking forward to this title with eager anticipation.
Halo 3 Launch Date: September 26th 2007
Halo Wars Launch Date: TBA

A slight disappointment for me was when I discovered that PGA Tour 08 for the Wii would not be featuring online play. This has made me decide to just simply hold on until they do(I was planning on getting PGA Tour '07 if it didn't) This is probably a good thing as looking at Metroid 3 reviews has made me realise just how highly regarded the other Metroid Primes were. As a result, so that I know the story and I am not missing out, I am thinking of getting them and a GC controller for my Wii.
PGA Release Date: 31st August
Metroid 1&2 Already Released

Upcoming Posts:
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Review - I have already written it, so this is very realistic
[Hopefully] An interview with Wiiware developer called Medaverse, I am waiting for an email back from there
Nintendo Press Conference - Also written

I am going back to school next Tuesday so expect a temporary lapse in posts.

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