Saturday, September 01, 2007

Metroid Prime First Impressions

No, don't get your hopes up. I don't have an advance or imported copy of Corruption. I do however have the GC game, Metroid Prime. I am currently waiting on a GameCube Memory card that I bought on Ebay last night. So, there hasn't been much point in playing the game, but it is still fun. Initial Impressions are strong. The game puts you in the feet of Ms. Samus Aran. The training level is very well designed, quickly running you through the controls in a believable manner and throwing enemies at you as soon as your ready for it.

A crucial part of the game is scanning. Although it feels arduous to have to switch in to a different visor (one which you can't shoot in) just to scan items, the scanning works very well. Some things have to be scanned, like computers that open doors. Others have serious advantages, like scanning enemies you can find out what their weak points are. Other items will give you a little piece of literature to fill you in in what looks like in incredibly deep story, finally, some just give you a little pop up briefly describing the object. Although the majority of these scans are unnecessary, they add a nice depth to the game, and the more you scan, the better your final percentage (I believe)

It is difficult to classify this game as at some points. Sometimes it feels like a FPS, others a FPA(first person adventure, and no, I didn't just make that acronym up) You will spend a lot of time exploring and the shooting you do is mainly handled with by locking on to them. The game also has environmental puzzles. The ones I have come across have been fairly simple, but I imagine that they will get more and more complex.

The two boss battles I have fought have been much better than most other bosses I have ever thought. They will have a weakness, but to find this weakness you have to either scan them or be very lucky. Even when you have found the weakness, there is still plenty of skill and timing to defeat the boss. When you beat them it feels much more rewarding than most boss fights.

Overall, the game looks and feels great with some fantastic boss battles as well. I can't wait to get my memory card and give it a proper spin.

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