Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog Update & Quick Reviews

Now as all of my reader[0] are aware this blog appears to have run dry. Well it hasn't. I have found a time when I am just killing time and that is when I will post to my blog.It is monday so that is when you will find new posts. In the news recently. E3. Was going to do coverage of it, but got to hooked on the gamespot coverage and didn't have time. However, I am going to post what happened at the nintendo confrence, and a summary of sonys. Sorry Microsoft, but you get a whole post about Halo 3, which was all your confrence was about. Also, in the news, DS lite is out in England and looking good. With a selection of good games like Metroid Prime it looks to be a summer hit. Also, Sony have made a mistake with the PSP. They have launched a new one. The problem is the only change is it is white. Firstly, the black looked better, secondly, no one is going to trade in their old one and pay money to have it changed to white and finnally, they won't capture a new audience because the black one is cheaper. If it wasn't bad enough for Sony, their UMDs are being trashed by movie companys as it is too expensive for such a small market. Looks like the PSP will have to prove itself as a games console now, Sony should have planned for that one.

I went to France on an exchange[full post coming later] and bought Splinter Cell: Chaos theory for 9 euros. Bargain. I'll do a review of that after Civ 4. It is rumored that SC 4 will be an 18+ on the 360. This will irate me to no end if it is the same case on the Xbox, are they just doing away with stealth. Rome Total War has a free expansion pack as I belive I have mentioned earlier called Alexandria, I'll bring you the lowdown of that next week.

And finally, The World Cup. No blog has gone without mentioning it somewhere. Love it or hate it it is taking over the world. England are through to the quaters, Owen is injured, leaving us with lanky, walking wounded wayne and the kid who is bunking lessons to come along. We won't get past the quaters, so that is the end of that.

Quick Reviews
Ok, it is a long time since I played this but I think this review should still be adequette. I played on the single player. The graphics are simply stunning, esspically considering it is a PS2. The physics, the AI everything. It has the feeling of a well polished game. It is a bit like GRAW. The problem with the game is sometimes it can get very frustrating, there is this one bit where there is an invisible sniper and you have to run past it. But in conclusion a solic SP game but lacked MP which was a shame.

A stunning RPG. My friend got this at the same time as I got Fable so it made Fable look small and pety. In fable, one of the missions you played you got to fight in a arena, in Oblivion you can go to the arena any time and even watch it and place bets on the result. In fable you could walk from one edge of the map to the other in an hour. In Oblivion it would take the best part of a day on a horse, riding at full speed and not being attacked by any bandits. Oblivion is so deep I can not really review it, I will try and get my friend to review it, I doubt I will succeed.

Thats all because I have forgotten what other games to do.

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  1. no im not going to review it cos i would have to write 100000 pages.
    and thats just for the trees.
    and write soming about shivering isles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and say its gunna rock!!!!!!!!!!!!


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