Monday, July 03, 2006


Forums, the modern day equivelent of forums in Roman times. Every website has them now. Even nationwide (a bank) has one. Well, nearly. Forums are a place where hundereds of people can come together and produce amazing stuff just for fun. Forums are a place where one can learn new talents. Forums can be a place to make the friends. Sadly, the operative word is can.

In forums there are many different types of people. There are so called N00bs and newbs. There is a major difference between a n00b and a newb.

A n00b is someone who uses excesive text speak and "l33t" speak. These tend to be idiots.

A newb, however, is someone who is new to the forum/game ect. These are perfectly decent people just haven't been at the forum long.

Also, there are people who think any one who is new to the forum is a complete idiot, and that ansering their questions is a waste of time. Between these people and the genuine n00bs, forums have become a place where huge amounts can be acheived, but, like everything else in the world, a few people spoil it. I posted on a forum that suffers badly from the n00b/anti-n00b take over. You can read it here.

Now, I have always wanted a forum for people who make constructive coments but I don't have the right sort of friends, so if there are any reader who know of a forum where this dream has been acomplished, but where there are still interesting people, or if there are enough, we could make our own.


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