Thursday, July 13, 2006

MSN Extras...

...Drive me insane. There are two I am going to go in to detail today.

MSN Plus

Stay away from this software. Ok it has some quite cool feautures like being able to leave a message to someone while they are offline and creating your own states. However, when you appear offline, it changes you to online and so hundereds of people had a go at me for being online but not. Also, it would just not send half my messages so people thought I was ignoring them. Worst of all there is no quick uninstall button and you have to go to Control panel.

MSN online

I tried using MSN online so that I would be able to go on Civ 4 and talk on MSN at the same time on my dads laptop, first I decided I would check it on my computer to see if it worked, first I tried it in firefox, but it didn't work. At first, I thought it was Microsoft being is usual selfish self, but I tried it in IE and I had the same problem. Basically, I went to the website and there was a button to launch MSN online, I clicked on it, it asked me to log in. Fine I thought, clicked log in and it took me back the the first page. I looked at the top right and it said signed in, so I thought maybe it was just stupid a little and went through the process again. Same result.

So in conclusion, the only reason why I am sticking with MSN messenger is because my friends are on it not due to quality.

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