Friday, October 26, 2007

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Live Updates

[07:57] It is the 26th of October! Metroid Prime 3 finally comes out in the UK today! I have just watched the last video on the Metroid Prime Preview channel, and if I wasn't looking forward to this game enough, I am now. One of the weirdest parts actually featured Samus's face (no helmet) in her suit, and then in her mask, what looked like Dark Samus. Creepy stuff. This is, incidentally, the earliest I have ever got up in half term, so I am tired but the adrenaline should keep me going. Having breakfast now, will be setting of about 8:30 be back by 9:15 (shop opens at 9) My brother will be posting the live updates as I dictate so thank him as well.

[9:17]Just got back from game probably the quickest run ever. What`s more the game was £35.00. Bargain!

[9:22]For some reason my wii had to download a wii update.

[9:24]You even get to choose your own mii for your save.

[9:30]Wow the graphics have a blurred effect.

[9:41]The gestures feel very realistic, you feel like you are inside the game.

[9:48]Voice acting fine but some of the lines are a little weak and clich├ęd.

[10.00]Nearing the end of the training mission, I have really enjoyed it. Some of the puzzles are a not as well crafted as those in Metroid Prime 1. But the graphics are definitely a mark up.

[10.05]I Just got a missile launcher in training mission, it`s much faster flowing than mp1.

[10:10]Fighting boss in training.

[10:13]Beaten boss finished training.

[10:16]Got grapple lasso.

[10:16]Tried out grapple lasso it`s a bit difficult at first.

[10.42] Dark Samus and Metal Ridley have made an appearance. Game is much more more fast flowing than the original and definitely feels like the conclusion of a trilogy.

[11:01] Just dies falling down a hole whilst fighting Ridely. It is an intense experience a boss fight with a time pressure (of when you are going to hit the ground) Going to have a brief pause now. Impressions are very good, hope the live updates have been ok.

[14:16] I have beaten Meta Ridley. Because of the falling the boss is really quite challenging, although my cousin managed to beat it first time. The games continued usage of soft lighting really do make the difference between this and MP1. The variety of enemies has been good, the environments less so but I have been in the same place basically. The controls work very well and make the game feel very responsive, especially when compared with MP1. Finally, the unlockables look really cool, but to get them you have to collect these little hexagons which you get by accomplishing various things such as beating bosses, scanning and killing a certain number of enemies. You can then choose what to purchase with your credits. More details soon...

[15:05]Just arrived at a other planet very Magmoor Cavern-esque very cool.

[17:19]After a brief game of tennis, as I got stuck, I returned to the game, and loe and behold there was a simple solution. Once I had done this I got the "Graple Swing" which, as the name suggests, allows you to swing on grapple hooks. The best bit is, you can shoot at the same time! This may sound insignificant but this was one thing I really wished I could do in the original.

[17:25] I also forgot to mention that I got the PED(Phazon Enhancement Device) Without going in to detail, it makes you really powerful but drains your health. Some units require you to go in to it, which feels a little set up, however, I imagine it will be much better when you use it optionally.

[20:40] Well the games pace has slowed down a little from the intense action that was the first level and you are not exploring on your own just like good old fashioned Metroid. The game is focused more around combat this time round, mainly due to the controls, but also you don't loose all your power ups at the start of the game. As a result, most of the enemies are much more aggressive. This works well as the combat is much more rewarding.

[20:56]Just got my "Corrupt" death. Not quite sure why it happened as I thought I had plenty of time left. Clearly I wasn't checking my Bio-health in my space ship often enough. It happened in the next boss fight. Either this game is too easy and I am blowing through it or there are a lot more bosses than in MP1

[21:40]I literally cannot believe the time, no exaggeration. I am coming off now, as I want to have energy to play it tomorrow and make it last. Conclusions, graphically, the soft lighting, despite being basically the only difference between this and MP1, really makes all the difference. The sounds are as good as they ever where, game play is a little more combat focused, but over all this works well. You space ship is a very nice addition with the options to view your stats and your health and even use it to blow up stuff that your guns are too weak to do. I won't be doing Live Updates tomorrow, but I hope this has given you an insight in to the game. I recommend this game simply because it is another masterpiece. It is still quite similar to MP1 though, so if you didn't enjoy that, you will enjoy this more, but still not enough. Will be playing more tomorrow and at some point compiling some real first impressions.

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