Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Wii Remote Jackets have Arrived

At long last my Wii remote Jackets have turned up. I ordered them some time ago, however, it was only yesterday that Nintendo said they had got to my order, presumably meaning the got quite a few. None the less both my Wii Jackets did turn up today.
The Jacket is light and rubbery and fits the Wii remote excellently. The holds for the buttons are just big enough to be perfectly comfortable without being so big the jacket feels pointless. Also, the top area, the element of the 'Mote with the most fragile elements, has the thickets part of the Jacket and really feels like it would do some good at protecting both the 'Mote and the item it hit.
So how does it actually effect gameplay. Well I am pleased to say virtually not at all. Apart from turning the Wii on, you will barley notice you are wearing this extra layer of protection. At first I thought the B button may be little tricky but considering I use that as shoot in MP3 and I am currently playing with Jacket in said game, the fact that I haven't noticed is quite conclusive. I was hoping this may have slightly better grip, the grip is marginally better, but not really noticeable.
In conclusion, these are worth picking up seeming as they are free. Judging by the extensive rubber used on the head, these seem much more safe. I did a brief test on my brother and he said that the unprotected Wiimote hurt more. They don't exactly help for any proper gamer and do diminish from the looks, however, if you have some less experienced Wii players coming round for the day, it may just be the clincher in saving some one or worse an HDTV.
You can order your free jackets from Nintendo (have your Wii serial number and an email address as the ready) here

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