Monday, November 12, 2007

Check Mii Out

Check Mii out finally came out today, waking me up with the blue glow. Unfortunately, I was too tired and so waited for this morning before trying it out. I downloaded it and started it up. First, you have to choose a Mii to be your "Mii Artasian" Basically, people can see your nickname and Mii when ever the click on a Mii you have created. No Wii Codes required for that!

Next you are presented with two options. The main submission plaza and the competition area.

In the main plaza, you will find 50 Miis parading about. By default, it presents the top 50, however, you can change it to present, top 50 of that day, all time, 50 random ones and your favourites. Also, you can choose if you just want national Miis or worldwide. Finally, you can choose to have the Miis standing in line, A La Mii Channel, or get them to walk by, 3 at a time, cat walk style, doing little poses (very amusing) Once you have done this, you can click on any Mii you see. From here you can choose to import the Mii to your Wii Console, favourite the Mii (this increases their score and adds them to your favourites) or see friends. This last option I am not entirely sure about, it definitely shows Miis that have similar characteristics and also definitely shows Miis made by the same person. It doesn't show who has favourited it though. You can see who made this Mii and his other creations and see its ratings. Overall, I think this to be surprisingly good as there are many people with either loads of talent or loads of time (or probably both) and you can get yourself some really cool looking Miis. You can search either by giving an entry number of by choosing gender and speciality. If you want to see my submissions, they have the entry codes: "7582-1768-0682" and "8672-0969-5924"

The other element is more competitive. Every week, Nintendo will put up a new person and we, the people, must make a Mii to look as similar as possible. The opening one was "Mario without his cap" After a week, it opens up for voting. I am not aware of any prize other than fame, which is pretty useless on the Wii thanks to friend codes... None the less, should be a bit of fun, and once again you will be able to take the Mii, so if you want a capless Mario but can't make one yourself, this is your opportunity.

Overall, recommend downloading this, is a bit of fun and should get you some very cool Miis. If you are artistic, this looks like a very good portal. This channel does call for two things though. Firstly, the only way this community can take off is if Nintendo needs to relax about sharing Wii Codes. Also, because there are so many people who own a Wii, the amount of different Mii combinations is going to seem very small soon. I think Nintendo needs to bring out more options if they want to keep this channel alive. You can download this channel from the Wii Shop in the Wiiware section, please bare in mind, if you have not performed a Wii Systems Update since the 10th of October, you will need to do so to install this channel.

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