Friday, November 30, 2007

Nintendos new green policy: recycling content

Just a small jive at Nintendo, then back to normal anti-PS3 stuff. Some of you may be aware that a recent survey conducted by Greenpeace, to rate all companies on how environmentally friendly companies are, gave Nintendo a 0/10, the first company ever to do this. But don't worry everyone, they are now recycling content!

Also, some of you will follow the Brawl updates (RSS feed on right>>) Today, they announced that they would be including some melee maps in Brawl. Now you could argue that these are in addition to the ones in Brawl so it is good. However, they, presumably, require some transformation to run with the new engine. I would prefer it if they could work on a new maps or even better some more online functionality. To be honest, I am not too bothered, but I thought the title was too good to not use.

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