Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blog Update

I didn't post when I said I would but I was ill. I have a great set of posts lined up for you though. I got the new official Nintendo magazine yesterday and I am going to make a number of points.


This was the cover article, was likened to Animal Crossing and is on the Wii. This made me fairly excited, I loved the concept of Animal Crossing but it wasn't enough to make me buy a DS so to say I was thrilled to learn it was coming to the Wii would be a understatement. However, upon reading the preview I was instantly disappointed. It was more Sims than Animal Crossing, which I don't like. The main concept is drag-and-drop construction of items for your village. The developers even admitted it wasn't like Animal Crossing :

"It's [Animal Crossing] a delightful game and we're honoured by the comparison but I think you will find this game very different"
Rod Humble - Head of Studio, EA Redwood Shores (Official Nintendo Magazine Issue: 14)

PS3s not selling

I read in the magazine that Wiis were still difficult to get in America and that there were PS3s spare in shops. This goes against what I heard. According to GS, the more unbiased of the two sources, they are completely sold out. When my dad next goes to Washington I will ask him to check although it may be too late then.

And yet there are still stacks of PS3s in shops

Games I am watching this year:

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Action Adventure, roam around a nuclear map, looks a lot of fun though I will need to upgrade my computer. Expected release: March

  • Battalion Wars - Shooter/Strategy/War game, this is everything that I want: Ninty licence, solid reputation and prequel, shooter and Wi-Fi. Expected Release: Spring

  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - The first person shooter that EVERYONE will get. Wi-fi fun guaranteed. Expected release: Summer

  • Halo 3 - This is the game that everyone will be playing for the next 40 years regardless of how good it is, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon. Expected release: March

I will undoubtedly add to the list, but these are the games I intend to either get, or at least play.


Oblivion is coming to the PS3. It is one of the launch games for the UK. This will be very good, as it will give time for Bethesda to sort out the bugs, like the game stopping and the player being forced to restart the console. Also, it promises frame rate and slightly smoother textures as well as the expansion pack bundled in.

Upcoming Posts

  • Poor PS3 Advertising Campaign - I'm not even joking, have you seen it?!

  • Wii Virtual Console - This is dependant on me downloading some

  • Battalion Wars Preview - If anything more gets released

  • Xbox Live Reviewed - My friend recently got it so naturally I was there

As well as my usual slew of promised reviews for Civ 4, Civ 4 Warlords and now The Legend of Zelda, which has joined my list of games to review.


Vista is out, another friend of mine is going to get it at some point because his computer came with a voucher to upgrade or something.


This year is set to be a good year for gaming. As all the consoles are out and no new ones on the horizon. On top of that DirectX 10 has just been released. Excellent, maybe I will review some games as there will be less news!

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    btw the ps3 oblivion hadnt got the shivering isles just nights of the nine and a couple other little bits


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