Monday, February 26, 2007

PS3 Advertising Campaign

The PS3 is coming out in March this year for the UK and Europe. So naturally, advertising starts to appear in shop windows. Now normally, when a product is expensive, as the PS3 unarguably is, the advertising campaign is usually good. This is because, when the company has made such a huge investment into the product, spending money on advertising seems to be money well spent and quite trivial. So, naturally, I thought the PS3 advertising campaign would be good. In blockbuster however, they had hand drawn the words "PS3 Pre Sale; £50 Deposit". Each character was on a piece of a4 paper. Now if that isn't rubbish I don't know what is. Games was slightly better, they had printed of a black and white picture of the PS3 and stuck it on to a a2 piece of paper with "Pre-order your PS3 inside today only." This was top of the range: TYPED! That was up for about 2 weeks so whether they got not enough pre orders or couldn't be bothered to take it down I don't know.

Fortunately, there are now proper adverts up printed on a colour printer! I was going to post this before they sorted it out, but my internet broke :(.
In other news: Google has released Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I think this is a sure sign they are going to make a OS or at the very least a web browser. To demonstrate I have put a spread sheet up for you all the view here. Contains details of console sales in January. Prices estimates.

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  1. George (duh)6:49 PM

    nice blog, only a lil bias against ps3. How often do you go to gs??? it seems the percentage of your website is dedicated to this website, also what happened to the good old game reviews. Finally i liked the title wiiview! haha funny :P =D :)


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