Wednesday, February 21, 2007

PS3s REALLY not selling

This took me a little longer than it should have but it has just clicked. The PS3 shipped 933 000 units in America, but sent 1million over there... That means, there are 77 000 PS3s in America that HAVEN'T sold. Wow! And to think people killed for them!

This does look like the end of Sony. With all there fans asking for reasons to love them

I want to love you Sony, I do, but your making it real hard at the moment
Chris Burnside -

If Sony fall, and Microsoft take there place (as I have been predicting) then we risk getting what we have with computer OS. Everyone gettting Microsoft, ignoring other companies who might be making something better for less simply because there Microsoft. Google can save us on the computer front, but I can't see them releasing a console. All eyes to Apple?

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