Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wii takes lead in January - News at GameSpot

Wii takes lead in January - News at GameSpot

Wii has sold the most consoles this month, even beating the Xbox 360. The PS3 is still stuck in 3rd. In December the PS2 sold more than the PS3! Overall, the 360 is still in first place for no. of shipped consoles with 4.8 million, the Wii, still quite a little way behind but catching up, with 1.5 million and the PS3 with a very disappointing (and somewhat suprising) 933 000. I may not like the PS3 but it has a cult following so I was expecting it to run away with the sales. I wasn't the only person as most analysts predicted this too. One possible read is that there are only 933 000 PS3s in existence, where 100% have been sold. That however, contradicts with what the ONM said (see blog update>PS3 Sales)

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