Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gamespot no longer trustworthy

It is offical, you can no longer rely on Gamespot for reviews. No this isn't a way of getting more readers. Here is my reason, I receive emails from them and they say what good previews they have got coming amongst other things, they had a preview of guitar hero 2. Now when I went to my local game shop, I saw the guitar for the 1st game and it looked the MOST tackiest thing you have ever seen, in the email it was one of their game of the years and "couldn't wait to get their hands on more information." Do you really think that a company that likes guitar legends should be trusted with what game you spend your hard earned cash on. No is the answer.

I should point out I have only seen the guitar, if anyone has the game and it is actually good then please inform me. Also, I would like to point out that Moto GP a game that I reviewed in my last quick reviews is actually a good game, I had a chance to play it whilst knowing the controls. Expect a updated Quick Review next month.

Finally I am moving house so expect a drought of posts for the next couple of weeks as I will be busy moving.

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