Monday, August 14, 2006

Quick Reviews

PGR 3 - More in depth
My friend got PGR3 with his Xbox 360 so I can now do a more in depth review to it. The single player feels like you are flying through it, there are less races than in PGR2 and a lot of the time it feels too easy. Now I should note I am playing it on the easiest level, but, unlike PGR2, I don't know if it is actually long enough so that by the time you come to do the 1st level in the next difficulty whether it will be new or not. Having said that, the AI is clever and, as usual, will play as foully as you do, if not more. One of my favourite features about it is there are many different race types in SP and MP. For example in MP there is capture the track where the person with the fastest time captures a section of the track.

Ghost Recon Advanced War-fighter is a intense, visually stunning SP and MP team strategy/3rd person shooter. I have player MP and a little SP at the shop. I really enjoyed it particularly the MP as you could communicate with your partner what to do. The game also features random events, which is what AI on the PS2 was meant to be like, where different things would happen each time you reloaded the game, so a guard might choose a different patrol route (this would have been much appreciated in Splinter Cell 3). The graphics was more than impressive; although I don't think good graphics are vital for a good game; they have helped a lot in this game.

Moto GP
Moto GP is a motor bike racing game also for the Xbox 360. It is, as per, graphically perfect; but what about the game play. The game is very difficult and so I presume very realistic. The brake doesn't appear to work and, as there is no break light, it is unclear whether you are pressing the right button. As I have not had much time to play it my review is fairly limited.

Table Tennis
Table tennis, although created by Rockstar who made GTA, the game is not violent in any way. The game is very simple in both controls and everything. The graphics are un-belivable, even for the 360 but all you have to do is stand near the table and press (A). I think this would be a good game for Xbox Live Arcade unless it happens to have a in depth story line.

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