Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Quick Reviews

Half Life 2
Half life 2 is a popular 1st person shooter from Valve that today I was lucky enough to play on. It isn't like any old 1st person shooter. Sure there is shooting and navigating levels but you can pick stuff up and the physics are out of this world. It has a simmilar physics engine to Splinter Cell 4, however, unlike SC4 it incourages you to put it to the test as in the latter levels you have this tool which means you can suck anything towards you and then fire it. For example I blocked a door with this crate and then after 5 minutes the crate broke up under the strain (it also started smoking which was a bit weird)

That Warhamme Game RTS Game
I have temporailrly forgotten the name for this game. This game is a intense RTS. Once one has got past the slightly un-orthadox set up of how to build units and building you can have a really good time with it. Instead of collecting resources you have to take these posts, these, I belive, are there so that even deffensive players get lured out to fight. I played on easy which meant even the strongest enmies run when they get shot. The graphics are really good and the game only requires 256mb RAM which meant it ran really smothly, if you are looking for a RTS, I recomend this before AoE 3.

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