Friday, December 22, 2006

Gamespot bows down to Wii

Gamespot have recently released their best and worst of 2006. I managed to grab a look at it today. I cycled through it, two points interested me. The best news story of 2006 was the cracking of Sonys dictatorship. Up to this point I thought GS were anti Wii and pro PS3. I was even more shocked to find that The best new hardware was in fact the Wii. The fact that GS are turning on Sony, with both this and my aforementioned Ps3 Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison, Sony may finally be losing its grip on the games market.

Also, the second show from my show is now available on both iTunes and on the website here. I interviewed a Chris Burnside whose blog is, he owns a Wii and I "grilled" him on it. The show experienced a number of technical issues, the first 2 and a half minutes are silence, the sound quality was not very good, and recorded conversation with my local game store was not audible. The last problem I am dealing with, I will upload the file to my own server and I will post a link. In short, it said they did not know when they were getting more Wiis and had between 30-50 preorders still left to fulfil. See future posts for updates. Possibly in about 5 minutes.

It is Christmas, but more importantly it is the end of the year. Hopefully, 27th 28th time I will be posting a couple of posts. One summarizing 2006 and giving a outlook to 2007, the other giving my favourite video game, music CD, and new film, with two runner ups for each. Stay tuned for that.

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