Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why are Wii Waiting

It is Christmas tommorow for anyone who has just come out of a coma, and Nintendo have managed to get their Console the Wii out in time for it, they have won best new hardware on GS awards (see previous posts) and the motion sensing controller works. They have done that hard bit. So, am I looking forward to getting one for Christmas. No, and not because I do not want one. Like every other console, there are not enough to go around. Admitiedly, they have more than Sony or Microsoft, however, it is still a disappointment for many.

Any readers of this blog will know that I want a Wii (I am bursting :P), so I phoned up my local Game store to find out what the stocks were like. They said they were completly sold out and were not expecting another dilivery before Christmas. They also said they had between 30 and 50 preorders that they had not fufilled. Then, thursday evening, I happened to notice on the Game website that they had updated the Wii page. They said they were reciving limited amounts of Wii's in thursday/friday. I went to Game on Friday and there weren't any and it was to busy for me to ask any questions. I think compared the the X360, you will be able to get your hands on one before March, however, I do not think you are going to get away with is as a "late" Christmas present.

From everyone (me) here at have a merry Christmas, and happy new year full of fun and rewarding games for the Wii.

Stay tuned for 2006 Analysis, 2007 outlook and the best of 2006 annual awards.

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