Friday, December 08, 2006

Wii Launched & Blog Update

The Wii came out today, but if I hadn't already have known, I wouldn't have. It was some what a anti-climax for me. There were no adverts in game. I still don't have one. No one I know has one, I can't play on one in the shop and there hasn't been a surge in reviews because it has been out in America. The only difference is, I now have a email saying happy Wii day. Wii day was a major let down. Even on GS, it was just a todays stories; IT WASN'T EVEN A FEATURE. To combat this I am going to scoure to blogosphere in search for a English Wii owner and interview him on my gaming show.

Happy Wii Day

I, as no one will probably notice, have switched to the new blogger. I am going to try and go though my old posts and label them, but from this point on they will be labeled. In gaming news, the Halo 3 trailer has been released and is viewable here. And on that note TSAH2 is very funny flash movie and is viewable here.

Predicted game of the year: Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

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