Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crackdown: First Impressions

"Woah, oh my word, that is INSANE" was my reaction walking away from Crackdown for the 360. I did not have high expectations for this game, it looked terrible from the minute I saw the box. The screen shots all reeked of GTA wannabe but failing miserably. When this was coupled with the Halo 3 online beta, something which would sell itself, I thought that proved the games uselessness. When I learnt that my friend had rented a copy, I was over the moon, not because of the game, but because of the Halo 3 trial. However, I dutifully had a go, mildly encouraged when he said it was more like Mercs but then disheartened when he said he hadn't been overwhelmed by it.

The controls scheme was quick to get used to and worked well. I started on a bad foot with the polices because I shot one of their number. To survive I hoped in the first police car I saw and started driving round running the people who were shooting me over. I should probably set the scene. Basically, I was in this circular area, which is like the start area. The story is your this GM policeman and you need to stop 3 gangs. Graphics aren't stunning, you should note.

Now, I am going to do a full review, but you are probably wondering what made me become so overwhelmed by this game. Once I got in to the game I found it pleasant to play, the jumping was pretty crazy and quite fun (I got one level up and could jump 15ft) and the vehicles were varied and interesting. However, to be honest I still preferred the sandbox that is Mercs. Then, something absolutely insane happened. I mean, INSANE. I was fighting some people on the top of a tunnel and then suddenly BANG. 15 cars flew up, on fire, from the edge of the tunnel. I was thrown in to these boxes from the force of the explosion. That in itself isn't incredible, for example there was lag so previous gen could generate that. On Mercs, you could set that kind of explosion up easily. What set this apart was it was a complete surprise. I didn't chuck a grenade, I don't know what caused it, all I know is that I was shocked. There were plenty of fighting going on below to have caused it, but WOW, it was incredible. From that point on I really started to enjoy the game.

Like I said, full review coming soon, that is just a taster. Sorry for the lack of posts, there hasn't been much news thanks to E3 approaching.

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