Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman is an Emo!

Today, I went to see the new Spider Man film. It was nothing short of fantastic. The plot was gripping, the fight scenes were cool and whole film felt well polished.

*Warning, the following part of the post may contain Spoliers*

I have never seen any of the original Spider Mans, so I was slightly worried that I would understand. Fortunately, I seem to have picked up enough through all the various Spider Man cartoons I have seen. The whole story is centred, obviously around the black suit, but more subtly on his arrogance. The suit enhances this element of his personality, thus worsening the situation. Half the film is about the facts, the other half is about reversing them.

The cast all play their rolls fantastically, and it is genuinely believable. You will jump at points, feel sorry for the characters and want to hit Parker for his arrogance.

For those who are in need of an explanation for the title, when Spider Man puts on his black suit, he suddenly has an Emo fringe, a very nice touch. Also, a special not should be made to the CGI. It is fantastic, and at some points you don't even realise it is CGI. The fights work really well, switching between real and CGI seamlessly.

Throughout the film, Spider Man has to face many new enemies. Starting off with Green Goblin's son, also, what turns out to be the murderer of Spider Mans uncle. Near the end he faces a rival photographer, who he ruins the life of while he is wearing the black suit, gets some of the black suit on him. There are some very nice effects when his uncles murderer turns in to sand. For example, when he got shot, the sand turned in to glass and shattered, very neat.

Despite all the cool action this film features, there is still a strong story running though it. It also contains some very clear themes such as arrogance and how you can be your own worst enemy.
*No spoilers guarantee*

Overall, I really enjoyed the film. It felt really well polished. I also discovered they they are doing a "HD" version with bigger films to create higher quality. Unfortunately, this was all sold out. My only criticism, is this film is very long. Having said this, at no point were you bored. Also, I am now really hyped up about Pirates of Caribbean. It looks really good.

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