Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Halo 3 Beta Not Working

Users using Crackdown to get their copy of Halo 3 will not be able to download Halo 3 at present. Bungie is working on a solution and hopes the issue to resolve this issue shortly.

Why was this not tested, and tested again and again. This was easily going to be the most downloaded thing since the dawn of downloading for consoles. They knew it was going to be big, so they knew they needed to prepare the servers. what's more, they knew the exact number of people who were going to download it. They know how many copies of Crackdown they sold and they know how many passes they gave away. OK, maybe not everyone is going to download it, but it is a fair bet that most people are, so prepare the servers for all of them and have a bit of spare bandwidth.

However, despite popular belief, I do not believe this could have been a bandwidth problem for the aforementioned reasons. So why, Bungie? Some people have said that it was staged so that the traffic wouldn't be too much. We will never know if this is the case, as Bungie would never say, but it is certainly possible. Why else, well, it is very wide spread, so it could have been a fault with Crackdown. If this is the case, and Bungie get found out, they are basically dead. This could have been found out in the first test. I can't think of any reasons other than just a genuine technical difficulty, but is that likely, doesn't happen on XBLA ever.

Why ever this has happened, it is very bad press for Bungie, even if it isn't their fault. They have been building up to this for ages, the fact that it didn't work, its appalling. People in America have stayed up just for it to get their hands on it at some un-Godly hour, and haven't. Some have even skipped work. The forums have gone insane, blaming it on Bungie, then Microsoft, then Sony then whoever it on the other side of the pond to them. Forums have broken down into a demonstration of why we really have time zones. Both England and America are going at the other like dogs. Admitted the Americans might be a little tetchy, no Halo 3 and having not slept for 24 hours or something, but still. The racist comments are so ridiculous and unrelated.

Also, Halo 3 is confirmed for the 26th of September for the UK, 25th for the US which is a lot earlier than everyone thought. Still, Bungie has never released things on time, so it will probably be delayed.

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