Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Climate Change

Summer is here. It is a nice sunny day with warmish temperatures, there is a new KC album out and I am in to the Beach Boys again. Thus proving it is summer. But, it is only early March. Now, when it comes to global warming I would like to think I'm not naive about the whole issue. However, I always thought the change would be gradual and other the years it would be severe, but not much change from the year before. For example, we would just grow accustomed to the fact some summers it would be too hot to physically leave the house in say Italy. This is NOT the case. This year, the UK has had two bouts of snow, one closed schools all over the country. This has never happened in my life. In the same year, record temperatures in seas were recorded. And now, its March, and we are already discussing having classes outside!

Because of my age, this DOES concern me a lot. If it only takes you half an hour to walk somewhere, walk it. And don't use land rovers unless your a farmer and you actually need it. So, want to do a little bit more. Well enter stage left "Bloggers for the World!" Now I am going to make a little logo, but until then, if you want to join, just put a link to this post in the side bar (or post if you have to) and leave a comment here with your blog address. This should raise awareness at the very least.

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