Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lego MMO

Two days ago Lego announced it would be teaming up with NetDevil (creator of Auto Assault) to create a Lego themed MMO. Although no details have been released I think I know what might happen. I think you will be able to create a Lego character by mix and matching through the hundreds of pieces that make up Lego figures and maybe some exclusively for on-line. Once you have done this, you will be put in to a world. You will be able to buy bricks and land and build. One would be able to build houses, cars planes etc. You would give it properties so you could actually use it in the way you intended. You then drive around the Lego world looking at other peoples creations. This would also be a way for Lego to advertise new products as they could have them on display.

Also, as this would not make a very interesting game, all the different ranges would have missions to play through. You would be able to play through in cooperative mode. In essence, I think the game would be a step up from Lego Star Wars and on-line. This will be the right direction as the Lego Star Wars games were very good (my brother is getting one on Xbox so you will get a review!) . Lego is well known for really quite good computer games so this is definitely worth keeping a eye on. I have subscribed to receive news and I will make sure to keep you posted. In terms of pricing I don't think there is any chance of a monthly subscription as it is aimed at a younger audience. It is due 2008.

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