Sunday, March 25, 2007

Film Reviews: Crash and 300

This weekend, I saw both Crash and 300. Both have cryptic names and both are very good.


This film is about 6 stories that seem un-related but turn out to be connected. The film starts with the end, at this point it doesn't make any sense. The film has a central theme of racism, which would be quite heavy, but the film has added a touch of humour. The film remains serious and powerful, but easier on the mind. The characters are well developed and they each have something that makes you pity them. All the characters develop well through the film and you are on the edge of your seat to find out what will happen. The story can be quite confusing, keeping track of who's who, but at the end it all makes sense. This film is very good and is definitely worth watching. It is also good enough to see twice because there is plenty you won't have picked up.


Saw this in the cinema today. I wasn't sure what to expect with this film as I had heard mixed reviews. After a breif kuffufle getting in, I sat down. The film is about the battle between 300 (hence the name) Spartan and basically every slave in Asia (like 10000000000000 or something). The film was not true to the history at all as some people have got swords for arms. It was an action film. Complete with the heavy metal music, the slow motion and the arrogant sardonic humour. The film had very little story and prehaps 5 scenes in the entire film depicting it. It was basically a huge action scene. But a really good one. It had cool kicks, manic charges, huge elephants and impossible odds. Like I said, the film contained humour. Such as this bit:

Captain: *Killing the barely alive after battle* Sir, the enemy commander wants to meet with you
*Eating apple* Yes, I see, well there is no reason to be un-civil
Captain: No sir, *stabs man lying on floor* no reason at all
Brillant. Even though you know how it is going to end, you find yourself wishing it won't, and the closing scene where the survior brings back 10000 Spartans is very cool. Overall, at fantastic film and deffintly worth going to see. Watch again: Yes, because it is just class fighting.

Thankyou for reading, both of these films are very good and worth seeing.

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