Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gut Reactions: PS3 International Hardware - Features at GameSpot

Gut Reactions: PS3 International Hardware - Features at GameSpot: "It's gotten to the point that if Sony said it was replacing the PS3's cell processor with bits of string and biscuits, European residents wouldn't be all that shocked."

This is shocking. The PS3 is actually being DOWNGRADED for Europe. Now, as it is well known, I am no fan of the PS3, I just hope anyone who is the is a wake up call. Sony don't care about you. This is just when I was beginning to understand the price as, providing Blu-ray wins the HD competition, is only £19 less than the X360+HD DVD drive. However, if you don't want to watch HD movies, still ridiculously expensive. Back to the point, this just shows that Sony have really lost it. I recommended reading the report as there are some very funny lines. I could only use on as a quote though. There is one about BBC making a console and making the rest of the world wait 10 years which is funny too.

On a lighter note, games RRP is not £70 but has been put down to £40, £5 less the 360 titles.

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