Thursday, March 22, 2007

PS Backwards Compatability

Films, Gaming and Life.: My PS2 compatibility list

This blog has a list of games he has that will/will run with issues won't run list (for the PS3) Although 75% game will work, many of them with issues, some with serious issues.

It will be interesting to see what "serious issues" and "minor issues" entail. I reckon that by tomorrows there will be websites dedicated to reporting amusing problems had with old games and YouTube will receive a hail storm of videos. That is, if anyone plays on their PS2 games and not there PS3 games...

Incidentally, to further discredit Sony further, their website only let you check individual games rather than seeing the entire list. This was presumably to hide their failure. I am sure it won't be long until someone works through every game and creates that list... maybe I should do it...

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