Friday, March 23, 2007

PS3 Launch

The PS3 is out. Wow. The next generation is officially here in England. Song handed out, get this, FREE Bravia HD TVs worth £2000! Suddenly the PS3 seems so cheap. Now a lot of the people at the launch interpreted this as "proof that Sony is a really nice company" aside from the fact that Sony is just like every other company: heartless. All they were trying to do was get some press coverage seeming as they predicted they weren't going to sell out. They did not sell out, only about 150 people turned up for the launch and there were 600 consoles to be bought. Back in my town, they are in stock now (sadly not with a free Bravia TV) Sadly for Sony, this launch is a failure. I should be able to get myself invited round somewhere and play on a PS3 and it won't be long before Game have a demo one set up so a review will be on the way.

If you are wondering why there is a lack of Wii posts, this is because Nintendo is keeping everything (and always has kept everything) under tight wraps. I am going to try and piece together a preview of Battalion Wars 2. I have plenty of Wii posts in the pipeline, but Nintendo is making it quite hard at the moment to post anything. For example, I wanted to review the ORIGINAL Mario, but the Wii shop isn't working. I need to finish my Zelda review as I have has 2 people add my on GS since I copied all my reviews over to it.

In addition, I managed to get a go on Worms from the Xbox Live Arcade. It reverts back to the 2D format it started at. This is much better, and I had great fun playing on it. Some of the options are a little limited compared to what they have been previously but it does have the addition of Xbox Live. Full(ish) review coming later tonight/tomorrows. Thanks for the recent comments on my blog, your feedback and contributions will help me improve the blog.

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