Monday, April 23, 2007

BBC planning MMOG

Just logged on to my Google homepage which has GS news syndicated to it. The number one story was : "BBC planning MMOG" My heart practically missed a beat, BBC making games! Awesome. I clicked more:

Executive says the UK public broadcaster is working on a number of game projects--including a massively multiplayer title.

Wow, I followed the link, I was taken to a page, and then quickly forwarded back to the GS homepage. This is interesting enough for me to find out whats going on. I search GS for the same title revealing only one result which was a Warhammer MMOG, not developed by BBC. Checked the XML feed on GS, no sign. Writing down the address and taking a screen grab for safe measures, I refreshed the page. It is still there after refresh... I type the URL in manually. I get re-forwarded back to the home page. Annoyed, I check with IE.While I am waiting for IE to load up, I go to BBC. IE no luck, time to search BBC. Some results, for example BBC are planning a online festival on Project Entrophia (I have been watching that game!) but no hint of BBC developing one. I try something else, "BBC make games". Nothing...

Weird... Well, time to ask forums...

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