Sunday, April 08, 2007

PS3 Price Drop

Well, Sony may still be arrogant enough to not drop the price, but local retailers aren't so sure. Yesterday, walking back from the cinema (saw the new Bean film, review soon), I was a PS3 ad (hand drawn) for advertising PS3's for £400. It is still to expensive, but it shows that shops are desperate to sell them. Only one shop has done this at current, but I am sure that if it works, then all the other shops will follow suit. I say it is a local thing because, a) the other shops haven't changed and b)Sony have not made an announcement.

I think the price will drop again, this time to £350 and then they will start selling. As a result, the other shops will report to their respective HQs that if they lower the price to £350 the consoles start to sell. As a result there will be a nation-wide price drop. The only thing stopping this is if Sony are selling them to shops at £350 as shops will not want to loose money on sails (although having said that, people would then buy PS3 games and better something than nothing). The shop that initiated this was Blockbuster, their reason is they have put a lot of backing behind the PS3. Now renting blu-ray DVDs and they stock mainly PS3 games.

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