Monday, April 02, 2007

PS3 Ad

Now, long term readers of this blog (or the mysterious person who did the mysterious search, see previous post) will remember a photo I posted of a 360 poster. At the time I was commenting on what the poster said, however, now I am commenting on the poster itself. Here is the original image:
Its not amazing but it does the job just fine. Now take a look at this photo of the PS3 poster. It is basically saying the same thing, but isn't quite as good...
Now can anyone spot the difference. Now I know most of you are all sighing complaining that I am going PS3 bashing again but really, for a company that knows its console isn't doing well, shouldn't they at least try to invest some money in to advertising. What is more, this isn't my first post about a disappointing advertising campaign. Once again, Sony shoot themselves in the foot.

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